Parkray Aspect 14 Wood Burning Ecodesign Boiler Stove



Parkray Aspect 14 Wood Burning Ecodesign Boiler Stove For Sale

Upgrade the efficiency and style of your home with the Parkray Aspect 14 Ecodesign Boiler Stove.
This contemporary boiler stove is practical and highly desirable, adding ambience to the room.
Alongside its powerful Tripleburn® technology, which simultaneously heats the room and the water for your home.

The Aspect 14 Boiler Stove heats the hot water for your home quickly and efficiently whilst providing
a magnificent centerpiece for your room with its impressive glass viewing window.

One of its key features is the extremely low levels of CO emissions that it emits whilst providing a generous heat output to the room.

What’s included in the fitting kit 

  • 1. Black stove pipe.
  • 2. A registration plate is used to seal the chimney opening off from the room preventing dust, soot, dirt and debris falling down the chimney. It also helps to prevent a draft coming down the chimney. We supply a standard 800mm x 400mm galvanized steel register plate with all our stoves. You will simply need to cut the plate to size to fit into your chimney opening.
  • 3. We also provide you with a single stove glove that you can use for stoking the fire and adding wood without the risk of personal injury.

*Only available for wood, multifuel and gas stoves. Excluded for the following which do not need these items: inset stoves, electric stoves, flue less and balanced flue gas stoves and outdoor & garden products.

Optional Extras.
Carbon Monoxide Detector:

Due to an update to Building Regulations it is now law to have a Carbon Monoxide alarm present in any room with a solid fuel appliance:- The Building Regulations 2000 Approved Document J (2010 Edition) ‘2.34 Where a new or replacement fixed solid fuel appliance is installed in the dwelling, a carbon monoxide alarm should be provided in the room where the appliance is located.’

Flue Liner Packs:
The flue liner pack consists of; a flue adaptor, which connects the stove pipe to the flexible flue liner, Dura Flue flexible flue liner (this will have a relevant diameter to the outlet size of the stove and 316 Grade) cut to the required length and a pot hanger rain cap, this supports the flue liner from the top of the chimney and also acts as a bird guard and rain cap.

Stove Pipe with Door:
A stove pipe with door or access point, allows the chimney to be swept through the pipe itself.

Stove Glass Insurance:
If you select to take out our stove glass insurance this covers your stove glass for the time period you select.
If your glass breaks within that time period we will send you a replacement piece of glass regardless of the reason the glass broke. All we will ask is that you send a picture of the broken glass.
The insurance only covers you for one replacement piece of glass. It doesn’t cover you if you break the replacement piece of glass.
All stove glass is covered during delivery and any glass broken in transit to you will be replaced free of charge, without affecting your stove glass insurance.

Guarantee 10 Years
Efficiency 77.0%
Energy Rating A
DEFRA Approved Yes
Airwash System Yes
Construction Steel Body - Cast Door
Flue Outlet Top & Rear (Interchangeable)
Flue Size 6-inch (150mm)
Fuel Type Wood Only
Grate Type Wood Burning Only
Log Length 330mm
Heat Output 10.3kW
External Air Compatible Yes
More Colours No
Distance to Combustibles - Sides 500mm
Distance to Combustibles - Rear 130mm
Stove Range Aspect
Stove Window Size (Width mm x Height mm) 476mm x 450mm
Sweep Flue through Stove? Yes
Overall Height (A) 669mm
Overall Width (B) 668mm
Overall Depth (C) 583mm
Rear to Centre of Top Flue (F) 167mm
Width to Centre of Top Flue (E) 334mm
Height to Centre of Rear Flue (D) 559mm