Complete Flue Liner Kit for Wood & Multi-Fuel Stoves


This premium quality, complete flexible chimney liner kit comprises of everything you need to fit with a wood burning or multi-fuel stove. Available in various diameters and lengths to suit all stoves and chimney types, we consider this the best flue liner available with up to a 30 year guarantee.

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The No.1, British made flexible flue liner! Our complete flue liner kits include everything needed to safely fit your new wood burning or multi-fuel stove to current regulations. From 5″ to 8″ diameters and with lengths to suit even the tallest chimneys, this complete kit is extremely popular with customers purchasing new stoves from us and also with home-owners replacing existing flue liners. Buy Flue Liner kit

Dura Flue has been developed in Germany in the 1970’s and has been the most popular brand of flexible flue liner there for years. It is now also manufactured here in the UK using two separate pre-formed patented strips of stainless steel. Due to this unique process the steel doesn’t come under any stresses during manufacturing as it does during more traditional methods of manufacturing chimney liner where the steel is formed, then folded and finally crimped to lock it together. Buy Flue Liner kit

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The two separate strips of steel are designed to simply lock into each other when run through the highly specialised patented machinery with ease creating an incredibly strong flexible liner that won’t unravel in the same way a traditional chimney liner can. It also means there is no stress put on the steel during this process as there is when steel is folded to create the inner and outer layers of a traditional chimney liner. Order Flue Liner Pack

As the steel has not come under any stress or forces during manufacturing the possibility of corrosion is minimised, as there are no weak spots for corrosion to set in. Dura Flue is also tested well above the standards required for a liner in Britain and as such, is supplied with a 15 year warranty on the 316 grade liner and a 30 year warranty on the 904 grade liner!

Our fitters love using it and we have a sample in our showroom that customers often comment how ‘heavy-duty’ it feels compared with other brands they have seen. It benefits from HETAS approval and due to its rigid construction, will not sway in large voids making it easy to fit. Dura Flue is also tested to a constant temperature of T600 degrees and a maximum temperature of T1000 degrees. Plus anti-corrosion technology for maximum longevity. Order Flue Liner Pack

Flue Liner Kits for sale

Our complete flexible flue liner kits comprises of: High quality flexible flue liner to the diameter and length to suit your stove and chimney. A ‘MA Adaptor’ that connects the rigid stove pipe to the flexible liner, a steel register plate with fixing brackets, pot hanger cowl with bird guard in a choice of silver or terracotta finish, nose cone and black fire cement. Flue Liner Kits for sale

Steel register plate with an overall size of approximately 1000mm x 400mm (39½” x 15¾”) and would normally get trimmed to fit inside your individual chimney. Flue Liner Kits for sale

Important information on choosing the correct liner diameter:
A 5″ diameter flue liner can only be installed with a DEFRA approved stove with a 5″ outlet. If your stove has a 5″ flue outlet and is not DEFRA approved you must increase to a 6″ flue liner.

Brand Dura Flue
Diameter 5" (125mm) / 6" (150mm)
Tested to T600 Degrees Constant / T1000 Degrees Maximum
Manufacturer 2 Separate Sheets (Not one folded)
HETAS Approved Yes
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Anti-corrosion Technology Yes
Warranty 316 Grade 15 Years / 904 Grade 30 Years